Approved Door Locks For Commercial Buildings

The safety of your employees is critical for the continuous growth of the business. An employee who feels safe, respected, and cared for will reach higher levels of productivity and feel more encouraged to give their best. Company assets also need to be kept well protected against various forms of hazards and threats. Unfortunately, today's business environment is bombarded with numerous threats in various forms. Online threats are most definitely a major drawback of companies taking their business on the web. But they are not the only types of risks and problems managers need to fight against. Physical threats, acts of vandalism and threat need to be counteracted with the most effective types of commercial grade locks, alarms, panic doors, and other similar types of solutions. Let's take a look at a few of the most reliable types of commercial locks for business venues.

Electric Strike Locks For Protecting Confidential

An electric strike lock system requires buzzing in visitors and it consists of an intercom or a doorbell. Law firms and other venues where clients make appointments before showing up will make great use of this lock. Daycares and companies that expensive assets on the premises are also excellent candidates for fitting these commercial locks.

Keyless Locks

A keyless lock needs a passcode in order to be allowed access into the building. It enables users to more accurately manage the individuals who are given access to the building. These locks can be programmed, and you can set up time restrictions, thus limit the hours during which a person can be granted access to the interior or certain sensitive areas. The access logs will also help you figure out who is responsible for a certain act, including theft, as each employee will be given a unique access code. These locks can, therefore, not only deter potential burglars and thieves, but they can also discourage employee theft. A specialized commercial locksmith like the guys at can help you assess the current state of functionality of the existing locks on your entryways and make the most suitable recommendations, fully customized to your needs. Take a look at the rest of the security services they can provide you with, including mailbox installation and replacing, file cabinet locks, panic doors and bars, window locks, and more.

Electromagnetic Lock Systems

Magnetic locks are usually fitted on doors that do not have any levers or knobs installed. They are normally placed at the top of a doorframe and they will play the role of a magnet, teaming up with another magnet that will be attached to the door.

Magnetic locks are designed with a fail secure system in place. In case of a power outage, the doors will remain locked. The role of the release system is to disengage the magnetic charge and let people in. The locks should also come with a release button on the interior of the door, so it can replace a potentially broken sensor.

High Security Key Systems

Restricted key systems require the signature of an approved individual in order for the keys to be granted copying authorization. In other words, managers can rest assured employee or unauthorized people laying their hands on a key will not be able to make additional copies at regular hardware stores. Plus, these restricted keys are sturdier than the regular options, and they usually have warranties that will cover the costs of replacement if anything is to happen with them. Nevertheless, in the event of one of these keys being stolen or misplaced by an employee, it is essential to have the locks re-keyed straight away.

An authorized locksmith that handles emergency services on a nonstop basis is capable of re-keying any type of lock in a few minutes. Keep the number of a reliable service on speed dial and give them a call as soon as you notice one of the keys is missing, or the lock is showing signs of vulnerability.

Master Key Systems

This alternative will allow you to decide the persons who will be granted access to all areas of the building. These locks can be operated with keys that enable access to different areas, as well as master keys that can unlock all doors in the building.

Deadbolt Lock Systems

The most common type of deadbolt currently in use is the single keyed deadbolt that relies on a key to unlock a door from outside. The door can be operated from the inside with the help of a thumb-turn.

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