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Why New Office Buildings Need Professional Locksmithing

  Many local school systems struggle continuously in an attempt to come across the fastest, most skilled, and at the same time most affordable computer network services. Schools all across the country need to properly manage and increase the size of their desktop computer networks. And lots of managers have concluded that it is better […]

Approved Door Locks For Commercial Buildings

The safety of your employees is critical for the continuous growth of the business. An employee who feels safe, respected, and cared for will reach higher levels of productivity and feel more encouraged to give their best. Company assets also need to be kept well protected against various forms of hazards and threats. Unfortunately, today's […]

Old Parkland – New tenant finish out projects

ICI Construction, Inc. has made a huge impact at the Old Parkland facility. Our commercial group is continuing to receive tenant finish out projects while proudly working with Pritchard and Associates. Our current projects include the Caucus Room which is a 750 square foot finish out with high millwork exhibiting an oculus dome ceiling and […]

When The Dreaded Lockout Occurs On The Site

Construction sites are unfortunately a genuine realm where hazards and accidents feel right at home. Working with heavy bulky, and potentially dangerous materials and power tools means having to pay extra attention every single step of the way. As a worker on a construction site, you will not only have to obey the state and […]