Tips For Preventing Vehicle Accidents On Construction Sites

Each year, people working in the construction industry get killed or severely injured as a result of being struck by moving plant. These unfortunate accidents happen throughout the entire construction process, and the victims can be anyone ranging from managers or visitors, workers, and the public. When construction vehicles are not properly secured, and the activities completed on them are not effectively controlled, issues rise. Below we will reveal a few of the most effective construction vehicle safety measures that should be put into practice periodically.

Disturbing Statistics

  • On a yearly basis, there are approximately ten reported deaths connected to the act of being struck by a plant in the construction industry.

  • Moreover, there are hundreds of accidents that can be prevented and minor injuries that get reported. Besides the effects on workers' lives, there are also noteworthy examples of material damage in the process.

  • Hence, the need to find the most effective solutions to reduce these hazards, and gain better control over the risks associated to working with construction vehicles. The industry utilizes a great variety of different vehicles, ranging from vans, trucks, tractors, lift trucks, and the list goes on. If you are not sure what are the best security solutions for each of them, you are advised to find a reliable locksmith for vehicles.

  • Do a search for auto locksmiths near me online and compare a few services, prices, and customer reviews. Prior to hiring someone to inspect the state of the locks and keys/ignition/alarms on your construction vehicles, see they are well rated and there are no Better Business Bureau issues reported in connection to the respective service.

  • See if there are any discounts or special services you could take advantage of – the best companies will want to constantly run an extra mile for their customers. If you are not happy with what you are about to get (for example, no free estimate or big rates for simple services), you can always resume your search and opt for someone else. The locksmithing industry works well hand in hand with the construction field; so you should have no problem dealing finding a reliable locksmith that also handles automotive services.

Quick Safety Solutions For Construction Vehicles

  • High-risk situations ask for higher standards of precautions compared to low-risk situations.

  • Since most construction transport accidents are a result of inadequate segregation of pedestrians and vehicles, careful planning needs to be done.

  • The planning should begin at the design stage. Vehicle operations need to be properly controlled during all construction work.

  • Inadequate training of the personnel responsible with the signaling and of drivers should be immediately changed.

  • Unsafe loading and transportation of materials on vehicles are additional reasons why accidents happen.

  • Broken locks on vehicle doors can also jeopardize worker security. Professional locksmiths for vehicles should be hired to constantly assess and repair all lock, ignition, key and alarm problems. By installing steering wheel and tire locks, immobilizers and alarms on vehicles, the number of cases of theft on construction sites is also prone to drop significantly.

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